Laboratory Members
Greg Dominic Makoto Hiroto Shigetaka Kaho Alif Tomoyuki Toshiki Taishun

Interested in protecting and restoring seaweed ecosystems?


Terrestrial ecosystems such as forests and meadows are known for high biodiversity and the ability to sequester carbon dioxide. Seaweeds and seagrasses create similar ecosystems in the marine environment. At the Laboratory of Aquatic Plant Ecology, we are interested in studying ecosystems created by seaweeds and seagrasses from both an applied and basic science perspective.

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Some thoughts

Field work

Field work is a core activity in ecological research and we go out into the field every month.

Lab work

Most of our lab work deals with nutrient analysis and growing seaweeds.

Data analysis

R is our first choice in analyzing data.


We try to ensure that we can fund our field work!


Both students and I work hard to get funding, publish papers, and present our work at national and international events.

Food & Drink

The lab often relaxes to have good food and drink!

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